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Enjoy these poems by Raymond Mayotte, the author of - The Legend of The Vampire Khufu.

© copyright 2003 by Raymond Mayotte - All Rights Reserved.

These poems may not be reproduced in part or in whole without the express written permission of the author.


As the evening draws near with a nightingale’s song
And the shadows of trees and gravestones grow long
In the stillness of the cemetery, where silence prevails
From deep below ground comes the scraping of nails

In the blackness of night, among weeds grown so tall
Stand lines of old grave markers, some large and some small
No granite stones here with rich epithets or date
Only markers of the poor and all made of slate

The scraping grows louder, the sound growing near
From deep under ground something’s coming I fear
In a movement of soil down deep in the weeds
Comes the hand of a vampire to fulfill his needs

As a dark misty shadow he’ll glide through the night
His movements and passing on footsteps so light
Somewhere in the darkness as vampires are known
He’ll drink of warm blood from some victim alone

With the passing of night and the coming of dawn
He’ll return to the earth from which he has spawn
Deep in his coffin and surrounded by clay
He’ll sleep in content as the sun warms the day



In the glorious sunlight of the day most mortals do their work and play.

They toil they sweat to earn their keep, some sigh, some laugh, some even weep.

But in tombs of stone, or graves of clay, dark hunters await the end of day.

Only then, when shadows fall, will the dreaded vampire make his call.

On feather like steps, or silent wings, he'll embrace the mortal to which he clings.

Only for an instant will there be any fright, then the blood will be drawn and he'll be off in the night.

By Raymond Mayotte

'More Ramblings'

Deep shadows gather with the setting sun

to await the night and become as one.

In the fading rays of days last light

they merge together and become our night.

Now all around us does darkness abound

yet something unseen does move around.

In the blackness about you can't see much

but there's that rustle, that gentle touch.

My heart is pounding my nerves are a wreck

I swear I felt something just touching my neck.

Something is close I can feel its foul breath,

Its a vampire I know and he's bringing me death.

'Winters Bite'

Silver lunar beams pierce the shadows of night
While cold frigid winds sting with winters cold bite

All silent and empty the frozen world seems
The kind of a night only thought of in dreams.

High in the forest branches sway and they creak
Not a night for the stout hearted never mind the weak.

Yet at the base of a huge tree a lone figure stands
No hat for his head nor gloves for his hands

With unblinking eyes he stares down the road
Eyes of deep darkness where evil abodes

Undaunted by cold winds howling in his ear
A smile breaks his lips when headlights appear

Lips which curl back and reveal to the night
The sharp curving fangs of a vampires deep bite

by Raymond Mayotte


Alone on a dark hill the old clock tower stands
Built of granite and mortar by mortals own hands
Though abandoned and deserted it still stands high
All gothic and majestic reaching up to the sky

But in the blackness of night when mortals are asleep
From the darkness of the tower a dark thing does creep
Like a shadowy mist it must search through the night
To devour lost souls and return before light

On warm moonlit nights as lovers walk by
From within the tower comes a lost souls cry
Because deep in the depths of this tower of stone
The thing of darkness and evil has a mortal alone

Gothic and grand stands the clock tower by day
But if you travel by dark you must go the other way
Because deep in the shadows so dark and so deep
Hides the creature of evil that make men’s souls weep.

Raymond Mayotte
Copyright © 2003

,br>ISBN: 9781430315636


A Tantalizing Novel That Takes You On An Unprecidented Five Thousand Year Journey Into The Past To The Making Of 'THE LEGEND OF THE VAMPIRE KHUFU.

Raymond Mayotte
42 Starboard Dr
Cape Elizabeth Me 04107

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Copyright © 2003, All Rights Reserved by Raymond Mayotte

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