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About the Author

After working as a building contractor for most of my life I wanted to do something different so I entered into a nursing school to become a male nurse. Believe me nursing was some change from what I had been doing and it took time to get used to it.

After twelve years of nursing I retired to do what I always wanted to do, write. ' KHUFU' is the first novel I had written, and although it is my favorite I put it aside and wrote another vampire novel ( ONLY IMMORTAL) which carries the story further on. My third book, "Images of Evil' is now also available in paperback.

Even as a young teenager I loved the night. But letís not get started off on the wrong foot here, because I think there is nothing more beautiful than a warm summer morning with little puffy white clouds scudding slowly along in a blue sky, still the night was always so mysterious, so deep, so unknown, always filling me with a passion I struggled to understand.

I donít believe I was ever afraid of the dark because often when camping out with the boy scouts or just friends, I'd go off alone into the woods for a walk and seldom use my flashlight. This habit continued on into my adulthood, when years later my brothers and I would go deer hunting in Vermont for a week. We hunted a mountain up there where it took us almost an hour to reach our stands, and as many hunters know the time just before dark is when many deer are taken. Always the hike back to camp was in the darkness and here again I seldom used a flashlight.

Sometimes on these dark walks Iíd try to think of things that would scare me, occasionally my imagination worked to hard causing me to pick up my pace a bit. I was really getting into writing about that time having sold a short story or two to local sports magazines, after I decided to work a little harder at it. However supporting a wife and five children took up most of my time and I seldom had time for my typewriter.

I have been a contractor for most of my life, blessed with talented hands like my dad, and able to do almost any job when it came to building a house or remodeling. At fifty years old, with most of my children grown to adults, I decided I would like to try something else, so with my wife Gloriaís blessing I went off to nursing school to become a nurse. It took me a while to get back into the swing of learning and studying every night, but I persevered and graduated twelve or thirteen months later as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

After working as a nurse in New Hampshire for two years, my wife and I moved back to the city of Worcester Massachusetts where I had originated. Here I went to work at The Hanhaman Hospital for three more years, one and a half years on a telemetry floor for heart patients and another year and a half on a Med-Surg floor taking care of patients after surgery. When the hospital decided to close and merge with a bigger hospital in the city, my wife and I moved back to Vermont where I retired from nursing.

Now I had time, so I set up my desk and typewriter near a window where I could look out over a field to a cemetery beyond and prepared to write; but nothing came. Being a beautiful summer day I decided to take a walk and get my thoughts together and before I knew it I was across the field walking through the old cemetery. For a time I walked among the old slate grave markers reading the names and dates, my mind racing off and wondering what Milton Stromm was like, and what kind of a life did he have, or if Martha Carlson was ever married; and if so did she have any children?

I remember sitting down musing on the soft grass of the cemetery, my back against the stone wall which separated the cemetery from the field and Cape I rented. After dinner that afternoon my wife and I went to the market and returned just before dark. On arriving home I went straight to my desk determined to write something but again nothing came, so I sat there staring out the window across the field to the cemetery in thought. Suddenly my eyes caught a movement on the narrow road that came by the cemetery and continued on by the house, where, in the last light of day, I saw a young man walking along the road. For a minute the young man startled me and quickly my imagination kicked in and - The Legend of The Vampire Khufu - was born.

Since that time I have written two other novels, one of them - Only Immotal - not a sequel but a continuing of the story. The other - Images of Evil - a glimpes into the dark supernatural where spirits and demons lurk, where three mortals dare challenge one of the demons for the sake of a lost soul. At this time I am half way through a novel of a different Genre. Having wanted to write a sci-fi and also wanting to write a sword and sorcery novel, I joined them together and came up with a story I call - The Sword and The Staff - which I am really having a fun time writing.

Sometime in the fall of 2003 I plan to start my third and final vampire novel that will that will culminate My Vampire trilogy.

One of my favorite pastimes is goldpanning in New Hampshire and Maine with my sons, we have never struck it rich but the enjoyment we get from it is payment enough. Also, when I find the time I like to read or play my guitar, mostly old western songs.

'The Legend of The Vampire Khufu

ISBN: 9781430315636

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