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Supernatural Thrillers
Raymond Mayotte


The Legend of The Vampire Khufu

From the cold stone depths of the great pyramid of Egypt, Khufu arises as an immortal vampire for the first time to stalk the night world for warm human blood. His reign of darkness unchallenged except for another ancient immortal that is attempting to destroy him. .... For thousands of years Khufu manages to elude this menace, but in its place finds another enemy he can never elude, which is loneliness. Hundreds of years pass with him trying to ease his loneliness by mingling with mortals during their evening gatherings. It is here he meets and falls in love with a beautiful Egyptian woman called Lilia, which he woos until he wins her love, then after concocting a tale of his eyes being vulnerable to sunlight she agrees to become his wife. .... Time passes swiftly for an immortal and before he can make Lilia an immortal to spend eternity with him, she suddenly dies. Agonized by this event he vows never to become close with another mortal again. Thousands of more years pass with Khufu traveling the world to keep ahead of his dreaded enemy, leaving his mark through history while at the same time searching for solace. It is not until modern times that he crosses paths with a young woman he believes to be his Lilia reincarnated. .... Using the charm he has acquired through the years, in a few months the two become close friends and once again he is happy. However just about this time his ancient enemy catches up with him, and unable to capture or destroy Khufu, his enemy takes the woman. .... Believing his love now drained of her blood, he throws all caution aside and starts out in a vengeful passion to find and destroy his enemy. The events that follow take many strange twists and turns that lead from the distant past to the future, events that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Please enjoy, R.M.

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Only Immortal

When a powerful ancient vampire takes Kelly, the beautiful young wife of Paul Straford, to make her an Immortal vampire to be his mate, he soon finds out heís made a terrible mistake. Quickly learning the mere mortal Paul Straford turns out to be a lot more then he bargained for and the sweet young Kelly heís made as his mate a belligerent and veracious blood taker.

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Images of Evil

After surviving the horrors of war during his long tour of duty in Viet-Nam, Doug Heaton believed that nothing in the world could ever scare him again. At least he thought so until he began to see strange fleeting shapes from the corner of his eye, shapes that mysteriously blinked out of sight into the darkness when he turned to look at them. It isnít until after he meets Randy Clark, a veteran of the recent Gulf War, who also has been seeing strange shapes from the corner of his eyes, that he learns the strange shapes are the spirits of lost souls condemned to roam the earth forever. When he and Randy team up with a lady friend and begin to investigate, they find themselves perilously involved in a world of dead spirits and demons with their own souls in peril.

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The Sword and The Staff

The serenity of a spring morning around Ebony castle suddenly becomes chaotic when out of a clear blue sky comes a terrorizing creature of destruction. The creature none other then a fabled dragon, a myth made up by the old ones to amuse the children. Yet here is the dragon belching tongues of flame that shatter the hard stone blocks of the castle walls like they were made of sand. Even amidst the attack the Wizard Mordrid is seen high on his tower commanding white tongues of fire to leap from his staff and strike the dragon, but alas it is all in vein and soon the tower falls wizard and all. In minutes Ebony Castle and the villages around it are in smoldering ruins leaving the survivors little hope with only swords and lances to battle the dreaded dragon.

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'The Clock Tower'

by Raymond Mayotte

Alone on a dark hill the old clock tower stands
Built of granite and mortar by mortals own hands
Though abandoned and deserted it still stands high
All gothic and majestic reaching up to the sky

But in the blackness of night when mortals are asleep
From the tower of darkness a dark thing does creep
Like a shadowy mist it must search through the night
To devour lost souls and return before light

On warm moonlit nights when lovers walk by
From within the tower comes a lost souls cry
Because deep in the depths of this tower of stone
The thing of darkness and evil has a mortal alone

Gothic and grand the old clock tower stands by day
But if you travel by dark you must go the other way
Because deep in the shadows so dark and so deep
Hides the creature of evil that make menís souls weep.


by Raymond Mayotte



'Images of Evil' soon to be available through - Search by authors name and title Mayotte Images of Evil

"Images of Evil" Coming soon.

Three mortals dare to challenge a dark demon for the sake of a lost soul and quickly find their own souls in peril. A world of lost souls and dark demons seen from the corner of one's eye. An adventure that will take you from the presence of angels to the very depths of hell. A novel that may cause you to glance up whenever you see that flicker from the corner of your own eye again.

Watch for 'IMages of Evil'

The next of Raymond Mayotte's vampire series to be published soon.
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