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The Vampire Khufu

By Raymond Mayotte
Copyright © 2005/2007

In the black of the night does a figure stand
A creature of darkness that once was a man
Alone and forlorn for his deeds he must pay
For all of eternity in the dark he must stay

Lust for immortality and power and greed
Much more on earth than a man does need
A king and a Pharoah was his claim to fame
The mighty Khufu of Egypt was his name

Now in the deep depths of dark lonely nights
In cemeteries of solitude shunning all lights
He moves among markers all made of stone
Hail to the Pharoah that must now be alone

Great Khufu or Cheops whatever is thy name
To man kind here you’ve only brought shame
Now every day you must rest under the sod
Finding that immortality belongs only to God

Excerpt from the Book

One evening Khufu awoke in the early darkness of the cave to sit and enjoy the panoramic view outside,  while the last rays of sun faded into evening shadows.  Winter snows had melted now and a gentle spring  was nearing its end.  Above blue sky was softly melding into gray as the sun set behind the mountain, while a deep, silent, hush hung expectantly in the air.

Staring out to catch the last glimpse of color before darkness descended, he suddenly tensed at the slightest movement of air outside the caves opening. Instantly he was on his feet ready to defend himself, as a large black bat dropped from above to hang suspended close the mouth of the cave.

For a time the bat hovered there menacingly, its huge leathery wings silently fanning the air effortlessly, its eyes peering directly at him with a deep intelligence within. Instantly Khufu knew here was the presence hunting him, and although he tried he could not enter into its mind.

'The Legend Of The Vampire Khufu' takes you on one of the most exciting journeys of your life. Not only will you share this five thousand year old vampire’s existence, but you will actually be part of him as he passes through phases of history. In your heart and soul you will experience his adventures, loves, passions, hates, companionship and revenge. In the scope of it all you will also become immortal and travel the old and new world to many strange and exotic places.

Arising as an immortal vampire from the cold stone of the great Pyramid of Egypt, Khufu, the once mighty Pharaoh, believes he can exist in the world of mortals with impunity and dignity. This soon changes when he learns of another powerful vampire out to destroy him, causing him to remain hidden in deep shadows along with other foul creatures of the night.

However he quickly learns that solitude is a much more formidable enemy than the other immortal, the loneliness at times almost driving him mad. Many years later he becomes involved with a mortal woman he learns to love and would like to spend eternity with, but before he can make her an immortal she dies.

Devastated by this Khufu shuns mortal company for thousands of years, until in modern times he finds a woman he believes is his love re-incarnated. However, about the same time he finds the woman his enemy finds him. What follows will keep you unable to set the book down until you have read the last page.

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