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(Steven Lloyd is the Webmaster of the website Kingdom of Shadows and interviews and reviews authors of the horror genre.)

Comments and Review of 'Khufu: The Legendary Immortal'



Below is my review for Khufu. I'm simply stunned Raymond. I love the book!!! In fact, I'm still reading it as we speak. I was so excited that I had to write my review early. This doesn't happen often. The novel is so enthralling. Great job! Outstanding!!



A new vampire novelist is born. Raymond Mayotte is simply captivating. The way he weaves historical facts into his novel is entrancing. From the Salem Witch trials to the Great Khan. He is clearly one of the most talented authors of our time.

Steven Lloyd
Kingdom Of Shadows

Interview with Raymond Mayotte


Steven Lloyd

Joining us in the shadows is, Raymond Mayotte, author of The Legend of the Vampire Khufu and Images of Evil. Raymond, thanks for taking the time to stop by and tell us about these two compelling novels. I'd like to talk about Khufu first. What can we expect from this highly recommended novel, and what compelled you to write it?

Thank you very much for inviting me Steven. As for my novel Khufu, I call it my baby. I believe that is because it was the first novel I attempted to write and the one that took me the longest. You will never no how many times I put Khufu aside to work on something else, at times thinking I may never finish it. Since the first day that I completed Khufu, I have gone over it so many times they are hard to count. Now, after more than two years, I have created an immortal vampire that has traversed the time of five thousand years and many countries, a novel that is not all blood, gore, and evil, but one that is of a different kind of a story line. Khufu is filled with surprise after surprise, it's pages filled with many strange twist and turns that will keep the reader curious as to what will happen next. I truly believe that, once read, Khufu will stick in the minds of it's readers and they will look for more. Which I might add is not far behind.

What makes this Novel so distinctive from other Vampire novels?

I believe, like I said in my previous statements, that Khufu is different because of the fact that there is not a lot of blood, gore, and evil in it. There is some, there really has to be, but I attempted to keep it down to a minimum. In a way Khufu is really a lot like a strange love story that spans thousands of years, a suspense story, a mystery story, and an adventure story all tied into one. Add to all of this, horror thriller and you have Khufu.


What authors inspire you, Raymond?


Without a doubt Anne Rice is my inspiration. I love her vampire writing, but although I have read a couple of her witching novels they are far from my favorites. I met Anne Rice at a book signing in Worcester, Massachusetts a few years back, and although the lines were around the whole book store and out the door, when I laid my hand over hers and told her I was an aspiring writer, and that she was my inspiration, she was kind enough to take a few minutes and talk to me. Then she signed my book of - LASHER-.

For Ray - Good luck in your writing - Anne Rice. My wife said she never saw me like I was when I was talking to Anne, she said I was like an awe struck kid standing before Santa Claus; and believe me I'm an awful long way from being a kid. To this day I cherish that book and often, when I get discouraged with writing and publishers, I open the book and read what she wrote.

Can you tell the readers how they can purchase a copy of Khufu?

At this time KHUFU may only be purchase though my site at  - either through paypal or by money order.

You also wrote a second novel titled, Images of Evil. Will you make clear to what this novel entails? And how can the readers purchase this novel as-well?

Images of Evil A Glimpse Into The Supernatural, I wrote not long after I finished Khufu. Images of Evil is the dark tale of a lost soul and three mortals that dare challenge a powerful dark demon for the sake of that soul, in the process almost losing their own souls.

Images of Evil is the type of story that once you start reading is hard to put down, almost every paragraph leaving you in suspense waiting for that other shoe to drop.

My form of writing is to get an idea and then write around it, not that I put anything down on paper. I sit down and write my way into the plot and then write myself out of it, attempting to embellish the idea and make it real.

Soon I intend to have Images of Evil published again by different publisher; meanwhile it may be purchase through this my web site.

What inspired you to write this novel, and why?

This one came easy Steven. As you know, from my Bio, that in the later years of my life I was a nurse working in a hospital. One evening, after giving my report to the next shift of nurses coming on duty, I sat out in the long corridor on a bench, in the semi darkness, waiting for eleven o'clock to come so I could go home. I had my head back resting against the wall with my eyes closed, when something made me open them again.

Far down the corridor I saw a dark movement from the corner of my eye, of course when I looked it was one of the patients taking a late walk. That was it; my mind went into full gear with an idea, and the fact that the elevator to the morgue was at that end of the corridor helped. I think by the time I got home that night I had a good part of Images of Evil all figured out.


Will you be making any personal appearances in the future? If so, when and where?

Not yet.

Who Published The Legend of the Vampire Khufu and Images of Evil? Do you think they did you justice?

I won't mention their names because I was not satisfied with their work, however they are being publish by a differnt publisher at this time.


What's next for, Raymond Mayotte? Is there another book in the wings?

Yes Steven I do have another novel - ONLY IMMORTAL - ready to go. It's also a vampire novel, actually it is kind of a continuation of The Legend of the Vampire Khufu. In this novel Khufu is only mentioned once or twice but the story all stems from him. I also have a third vampire novel that will finish the trilogy. This last one is still in my mind but I have it pretty well finished.


Is there a certain time you write? If so, when? Also, do you stick with one thing or are you multi-tasker?

No Steven, I write when I'm in the mood. I tried writing at a certain time each day but it didn't make any difference. I find I can write just about anytime.

What novel of yours would you like to see hit the big screen?

That's an other easy one. The Legendo of the Vampire Khufu, not only will it make a great movie, but there would be two other novels waiting to follow.

What scares, Raymond Mayotte?

What scares Raymond Mayotte? I think the thing that scares me the most is having written all of these novels and not have anyone read them. I would hate to think of them sitting on some shelf gathering dust.

Inclosing Raymond, I want to thank you for coming by. Is there anything else you want to add before leaving?

First of all Steven, I want to thank you again for having me. It is truly an exciting thing to have someone interview you for your novels. I believe any writer appreciates someone like you that takes their books and brings them to the front where they can be seen, read, and appreciated. Looking forward to talking with you again.


Raymond Mayotte

'The Legend Of The Vampire Khufu '

ISBN: 9781430315636

A Tantalizing Novel That Takes You On An Unprecidented Five Thousand Year Journey Into The Past To The Making Of 'THE LEGEND Of The Vampire Khufu.

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Raymond Mayotte
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