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Supernatural Thrillers
Raymond Mayotte


The Legend Of The Vampire Khufu,
ISBN: 9781430315636

Travel the dark road through history as seen through the eyes of a vampire

From the cold stone depths of the great pyramid of Egypt, Khufu arises as an immortal vampire for the first time to stalk the night world for warm human blood. His reign of darkness is unchallenged except for Lar, another ancient immortal who for some unknown reason is trying to destroy him.
.... For thousands of years Khufu manages to elude this menace, but in its place he finds a more powerful enemy that he can never elude, and that enemy is loneliness. Hundreds of years pass with Khufu trying to ease his loneliness by mingling with mortals during their evening gatherings. It is here that he meets and falls in love with a beautiful Egyptian woman Lilia, that he woos until he wins her love, and who, after a concocted tale of his eyes being vulnerable to sunlight, agrees to become his wife.
.... Time passes swiftly for an immortal and before Khufu can make his Lilia an immortal so she can spend eternity with him, she suddenly dies. Agonized by this event, Khufu vows never to become close with another mortal again. Thousands of more years pass with Khufu traveling the world to keep ahead of his dreaded enemy, while at the same time seeking some kind of solace. It is not until modern times that he crosses paths with a young woman that he believes to be his Lilia reincarnated.
.... Using all of the charm he has acquired through the years, in a few months the two become close friends and once again Khufu is happy. It is just about this time that Khufu's ancient enemy catches up with him, and unable to capture or destroy Khufu he takes the woman.
.... Believing Lar has slain his new love, Khufu throws all caution aside and starts out with a vengeful passion to find and destroy him. The events that follow take many strange twists and turns that lead from the distant past before the pyramids to the present day, events that will keep you on the edge of your seat and unable to set this book down. Enjoy, R.M.

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'Old Habits Die Hard'

by Raymond Mayotte

As the evening draws near with a nightingale's song.
And the shadows of trees and gravestones grow long
In the stillness of the cemetery, where silence prevails
From deep below ground comes the scraping of nails

In the blackness of night, among weeds grown so tall
Stand lines of old grave markers, some large and some small
No granite stones here with rich epithets or date
Only markers of the poor and all made of slate

The scraping grows louder, the sound growing near
From deep under ground something's coming I fear
In a movement of soil down deep in the weeds
Comes the hand of a vampire to fulfill his needs

As a dark misty shadow he'll glide through the night
His movements and passing on footsteps so light
Somewhere in the darkness as vampires are known
He'll drink of warm blood from some victim alone

With the passing of night and the coming of dawn
He'll return to the earth from which he has spawn
Deep in his coffin and surrounded by clay.
He'll sleep in content as the sun warms the day.


by Raymond Mayotte


The Author

Coming soon
Images of Evil

A Glimpse Into the Dark Supernatural
By Raymond Mayotte

Reader Beware! Do not read this novel alone after dark if you frighten easily or are squeamish. Some of the happenings on these pages may seem very familiar to you, and they may cause you to wonder if that flicker you saw from the corner of your eye may have been the evil one.

The Sword and the Staff

The New Thrilling Fantasy
By Raymond Mayotte

Raymond Mayotte.


The next of Raymond Mayotte's vampire series to be published soon!
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