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"IMAGE'S OF EVIL" A journey into the realm of lost souls and dark demons. Offered by Lulu Pub

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Sitting quietly in the convertible parked in the darkness beside the highway, Randy watched, from the corner of his eye, as a young woman suddenly appeared at the railing of the highway over-pass. For a brief moment, and in the faint light of a near by lamp post, he saw the figure hesitate, then, like it was being shown in slow motion, she climbed the rail and threw herself to the highway below. Her young body striking the pavement and crumbling onto it like a rag doll, and only seconds later to be crushed under the huge wheels of an on-coming ten-wheeler that never even stopped. Mysteriously the highway became empty and an ominous silence prevailed, as the spiritual specter of the woman arose from the body and stood staring down at the crumpled heap on the pavement before it. Suddenly the silence was shattered with the crackling sound of static electricity, and the distant odor of sulfur, as another specter appeared. This one in the form of a huge, black, humanoid that reeked with evil, causing Randy to slouch deep into the Convertible's seat. Stricken with terror, and unable to move, he could only watch as the enormous figure moved to the specter of the young woman still standing over her crumpled body. When she glanced up and saw the black evil approaching, it's arms moving to express whatever it was saying to her, her hand went to her mouth and she back away while the other hand flailed out before her as if to ward it off. In the next instant she blinked out of existence and for a few seconds longer the dark figure stared at the spot where she had stood. Then, to Randy’s complete horror, the thing then turned to him and for the first time he saw the demon's evil red eyes. Eyes that blazed with a deep angry fire within, as it lifted its huge arm to point a long black finger towards him before it also blinked out of existence.  

This is a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat and that you will not be able to put down. A novel of the supernatural, terror, horror and suspense, that is truely not for the weak of heart. 

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Do not read this book alone or after dark if you frighten easily.  Those dark flickers you see from the corner of your eye are not always what they seem to be.

214 pages of suspense and enjoyment
a paperback that you will want to read
again and again.


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